Links of Interest

Alzheimer’s Association – national voluntary organization dedicated to researching the prevention, cures, and treatments of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Alzheimer’s Research Foundation – privately-funded organization offering current news and net sources regarding the disease.

Alzheimer’s Research Trust – exclusively dedicated to promoting multi-disciplinary research into the causal mechanisms of neuro-generative disease, with the aim of treatment and prevention.

Alzheimer Page – from the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in St. Louis.

Alzheimer Research Forum – non-profit organization established for the purpose of supporting the information needs of researchers and to promote openness and collaboration with colleagues worldwide.

Alzheimer Society Of Washington – offering resources for the special needs of persons with dementia, and addressing family caregivers and their needs.

Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study and Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center – University of California at San Diego

Alzheimer’s Disease Information Sheet

Alzheimer’s Disease, Mayo Health Clinic

Alzheimer’s Outreach – contains description of a personal experience and information on a variety of topics.

American Health Assistance Foundation – funding research on age-related and degenerative diseases, educating the public about these diseases, and providing emergency financial assistance.

Cognitive Neurology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Elderly Place – Alzheimer’s specific with a personal guide for caregivers as well as links to various Alzheimer sites.

OHSU – Oregon Alzheimer’s Disease Centers

Oregon Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Center – provides patient care and conducts basic research in aging and Alzheimer’s Disease.

San Francisco Alzheimer’s and Dementia Clinic – clinical institution devoted to the investigation, diagnosis, treatment and management of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Time Slips – an interactive storytelling project with people with Alzheimer’s disease. Contains sample stories.

Web Directory: Alzheimer’s Links Worldwide Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute (WAI) – aims to improve the quality of life for persons affected through research, education, training,bprogram development, and public advocacy.

Worldwide Sharing – listing of ICQ and IRC numbers whose members are caregivers and want to network with others dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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